Frequently asked Questions

Here are some  
frequently asked questions about colour analysis

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 I’m too young to have my colours done - you have to be over 60, at least!
Why spend a lifetime wearing colours that don’t work for you when you could enjoy combining
new tones and shades in ways that will truly compliment you so you look and feel
amazing, every day!

Colour analysis is for EVERYONE, no matter their age!
Wearing the right colours makes your skin glow, your eyes sparkle - you will look and feel
more youthful. We all have colours that we know don’t work for us, they may leave us feeling
washed out or grey - how fabulous would it be to discover which colours make you look
AMAZING and which to avoid so you never have a drab day again?

 I live in black - you’ll make me give it up and I don’t want to!
I never tell someone they can’t wear a particular colour, particularly if it’s a staple in their
wardrobe - this includes black!
What I will do though, is show you how to wear certain colours, to ensure they work with
your natural colouring, rather than against it. This may be by combining it with other
shades, or accessorising to keep darker tones away from your face. You never know -
black may even be in your colour palette!

 I had my colours done 20 years ago, I don’t need to do it again.
Over time our skin tone, hair colour and even eye colour may change, meaning the colours
we wear in our clothes and make-up may also need to be tweaked.
We also changed from our seasonal colour system to the Munsell System eight years ago,
this means the way we categorise your dominant colouring and the palette you should
wear may differ slightly from when you last had your colours done.
You may not need to come for a full colour analysis but if it is 20 years since your colour
session it is worth enquiring  as to whether you could come along
for a colour refresh to check that your palette is still working in harmony with your colouring
as it is today.

 I hate wearing bright colours!
No problem! Not only do I tailor your colours to suit how you look, I also take
into account your style personality, lifestyle and personal preferences.
My goal is to make you look and feel amazing by providing you with colours and guidelines
that not only suit you but that you also feel comfortable in. If bright colours aren’t your
thing we will ensure you leave with a selection of shades that will work for you and that
you’ll enjoy wearing.

 I’m happy with the colours I wear, why do I need to change?
Having a colour analysis session will open up your mind and your wardrobe to a whole array
of colours you may not have even considered before.
If you’re happy with the colours you’re already wearing that’s great! I'll simply give you
some more options to add into the mix and advice on how to get the most out of the
colours you’re wearing, to ensure they’re working for you, 

 I don’t wear make-up, therefore I don’t see the point of having my colours done.
If you don’t wear make-up then there’s even more reason to come for a colour analysis!
Wearing the right depth, undertone and clarity of colours next to your face will ensure your
skin glows and your eyes sparkle. It will also eliminate dark shadows and prevent you from
looking pale or ‘washed out’ - wearing the right colours has a truly transformational effect,
meaning you will look fabulous - with or without make-up!

 I’m worried you’ll tell me that everything in my wardrobe is wrong.
Whether you come for a colour analysis you won’t be told that everything
in your wardrobe is wrong.
My aim is to help you get the most out of your existing clothes by providing guidance on
colours that work for your colouring and your style personality.
There are infinite ways of combining colours to make them work best for each individual
and often small tweaks to clothing can transform them to work perfectly

for YOU.
We guarantee that you won’t have been dressing without getting the colours and styles of
your clothes right at least some of the time - often it’s just a few small tweaks or additions
to your existing wardrobe that’s needed.

  The consultations are too expensive.
Think of all the unworn or ‘worn once’ items of clothing in your wardrobe - over the years
how much money would you estimate those items added up to?
A colour or style consultation will take the guess work out of shopping, ensuring that you
make the right choices every time. It will also demonstrate to you how to build a capsule
wardrobe of clothes so that what you buy can be worn in many different ways time and


I’ll be told I have to change my hair colour
I would never advise a client to change their hair if they love how it looks but I may
recommend some small tweaks to the colour or style to make you look even more fabulous!

 I’ll have to arrive without make-up - and I NEVER leave the house without makeup!
Whilst part of the consultation requires your consultant to look at your natural skin tone in
daylight you do not have to arrive for your consultation without make-up.
If you would prefer you can arrive for your appointment with your make-up on and your
consultant will cleanse your skin during your session. You will then have a natural, daytime
make-up applied during your appointment so you’ll leave fully made-up too!

 I’ll have to wear white for my consultation.
You can wear whatever clothes/colours you’d like for your consultation. When it comes to
analysing your colouring I will place a white draping cape around your
shoulders to provide a blank canvas to work from.

What if I’m told not to wear my gold/silver jewellery anymore as it doesn’t suit

During your colour session you will find out whether you have a warm or cool undertone
and this can help guide you as to what types of metal may be best for you to wear in your
Colours have the biggest impact when worn next to our face, so if your wedding band is
gold, but your undertone is cool (which would suit a silver metal better) this isn’t going to
be cause for concern or a trip to the jewellers! However, if you are wearing a metal that
isn’t ideal for your undertone I may suggest that you mix your precious metals
and stones moving forwards.


 I’ll have to buy all the make-up as part of the session.
During your session I will apply a natural, daytime make-up to demonstrate
how to translate your colour guidelines into your daily make-up routine.
I am confident you will adore your make-up once you see the results but there is absolutely
no obligation to buy anything on the day. You can contact me after your
session or even buy online if you decide you would like to at a later date.

The colour me beautiful colour system is complicated, I’d prefer to be a ‘season’.
The latest colour me beautiful colour system is our simplest and easy-to-use to date.
Our current system is shared with the hairdressing industry as well as many others who
deal in colour (e.g. motoring and decorating) this system allows us to be much more specific
with the colours we recommend for you, and how you should wear them than the old
‘seasonal’ categories.
By looking at the depth, undertone and clarity of your natural colouring I  assign you a
dominant colour category as well as a secondary and tertiary category - this gives you a
palette of 42 different colours! I then provide simple guidelines for how you can combine
your colours to the best possible effect. Notes are provided with your swatch wallet to take
away as an easy reference tool when you’re shopping. What could be easier than that!

There are so many companies who offer colour analysis now - they all do the
same thing.

As a colour me beautiful consultant I am highly trained and our 
methods and techniques have stood the
test of time for a reason!
The key point of difference about colour me beautiful is that I teach you how to wear
colour successfully (NOT dictate what you should/shouldn’t wear). We are progressive
rather than prescriptive.

 I don’t want to be caked in make-up during my consultation, I prefer a natural

Many of our clients are astonished at the natural look we can achieve because we use exactly
the right colours to do your make-up.
We don’t use heavy foundations, black mascaras or thick powders. My aim when we
make you up, is to enhance your natural characteristics so you look like you - at your absolute

I’d prefer to have something like this done with a friend or family member, I don’t
want to come alone.

If a 1-2-1 approach isn’t for you that’s no problem! You can book in for a joint consultation
with a friend or hold a colour or style party in the comfort of your own home!
Get in touch with met to discuss the options I have available - I  will
ensure you feel comfortable and at ease whatever option you go for.

 I think a colour analysis will stress me out - it’ll restrict me to which colours I
can and can’t wear so I’ll always be worried about getting it right.

When you come for a full colour consultation you will be carefully guided through which
colours work best for you and why.
You will spend around and hour and a half relaxing with me, exploring your colours and
looking at how to combine them for different aspects of your life. You will also discuss your
existing wardrobe and how to combine colours you already have.
The colour me beautiful system is very simple to understand and at the end of your session
you will take away a 42 colour swatch wallet containing all you colours to refer back
to. I  will also make notes for you to take away too.
There is also a wealth of resources available to you after you consultation in the form of
our colour me beautiful books, website and social media accounts (you can find us on
Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest).

Rather than being restricted, a whole world of colour will open up to you - you’ll never look