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Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Do you feel like you have missed out on reaching your potential? Do you feel deep down there was something better, but you just never got there? Perhaps you believe you have missed your opportunity? Or you've tried and failed in the past, so, you don’t want to try again?

Throughout life, many individuals wish to reach their full potential but often talk themselves out of it or let others talk them out of it, for a variety of reasons. Age and time are huge reasons, but don’t believe the lies.

All you need to be able to reach your full potential is the willpower to do so, the motivation and a total belief in yourself.

We can transform our lives at any type of age; you don't need to be young to reach for your goals and dreams.

Is It Your Time ?

Do you feel like it's 'time' to begin living your best life? Remember - Age Is Simply A Number!

There are numerous examples of successful people that did not find success until they were much older than the 'social standard' dictates. Remember, age is just a number, and it should not hold us back from attempting to achieve our dreams.

To help you understand just how much you can achieve, at whatever age, here are 36 famous people that became successful after the age of 40+

40 Famous People Who Dared to Dream

Lots of people, have actually been dealt failures and lack of progress before their success in their 40's. Take these successes as motivation to reach your potential despite your age.

1. Martha Stewart-- After operating in catering for several years, Martha began holding her very own effective TELEVISION program and writing numerous publications when she was in her 40's.

2. Vera Wang-- Vera was 41 years old when she opened her first design workshop and began her effective profession in the apparel industry.

3. Henry Ford-- Prior to his success, Henry functioned as a designer under Thomas Edison. Henry Ford was 40 years old when he established the Ford Electric motor firm.

4. Samuel L Jackson-- Samuel L Jackson had problem with medicine addiction prior to his success but at the age of 43 he landed his initial major role in Jungle Fever and the rest is history as they say.

5. Steve Carell-- Steve really did not end up being a household name until the age of 43 when he landed the lead role on the American version of 'The Office'.

7. Alan Rickman-- Prior to his acting occupation, Alan worked as a graphic designer. He then left in his 20's to head to drama school. He began recording for Harry Potter and Resist in his early 40's.

8. Patrick Stewart-- Starting his occupation in theatre, Patrick did not actually land his significant role in Star Trek till he reached his 40's.

9. Wendy Williams-- Before her success, Wendy started as a disc jockey before landing her very own talk show 'The Wendy Williams Show' at the age of 44.

10. Donald Fisher- Was 40 and had no experience in retail when he and his wife, Doris, opened the first Gap store in San Francisco in 1969. The Gap's clothes quickly became fashionable, and today the company is one of the world's largest clothing chains

11. Abraham Lincoln-- Abraham Lincoln became head of state at the age of 51. Before that, he left The House of Representatives to practice law and assumed his political job was over.

12. Sam Walton-- Before his success, Sam ran various shops-- however a lot of them failed. He used these failures as lessons as well as at the age of 44 he opened the first Wal-Mart as well as turned into one of the wealthiest guys in the world.

13. Peter Mark Roget-- After retiring from his mechanical as well as scientific work, Peter began to work on a book that would organize words by their meanings. He was 61 at the time. By the age of 73, his publication, the very first Thesaurus, was published.

14. Gary Heavin- Was 40 when he opened the first Curves fitness center in 1992, which ended up becoming one of the fastest-growing franchises of the '90s.

15. Jack Cover - Worked as a scientist for institutions including NASA and IBM before he became a successful entrepreneur at 50 for inventing the Taser stun gun in 1970. By 2009, the Taser weapon was in use in over 45 nations.

16. Ray Kroc-- Prior to acquiring McDonald's at the age of 52, Ray had a profession as a milkshake-machine salesman. He eventually grew McDonald's into the world's greatest fast-food franchise business.

17. Anna Moses -(Grandmother Moses)-- She started painting at the age of 76, turning into one of America's great folk artists. Her paintings are now worth millions.

18. Arianna Huffington - founded her namesake news publication, The Huffington Post, at age 55. While she worked as a political commentator and writer for her early career, the success of her digital media publication made her a household name. HuffPost later sold to AOL for $315 million.

19. Laura Ingalls Wilder - Spent her later years writing semi-autobiographical stories using her educated daughter, Rose, as an editor. She published the first in the "Little House" books at age 65 in 1932. They soon became children's literary classics and the basis for the TV show "Little House on the Prairie."

20. Harry Bernstein- Was born in Stockport, England in 1910 and began his education as an architect. But when his teacher discouraged his career choice, he decided to pursue a writing career and moved to New York to accomplish his goal. Although he made a living as a writer, his wife, Ruby, had to work as a school secretary to subsidize the family income. He did have one novel published, but it wasn’t successful. Undaunted, Bernstein continued to write, penning more than 20 novels that were never published.

In 2007, at age 97, he wrote an autobiographical novel, The Invisible Wall, which received critical acclaim. The book poignantly described the “invisible wall” that separated the Jewish and Christian sections of his hometown. At age 98, he published, The Dream, which told the story of his family’s move to America. Because these two books were so successful, he was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship at age 98 to pursue his writing.

At 99, he published the third book in the series, The Golden Willow: The Story of a Lifetime of Love, about his marriage to Ruby and later years. His novels have been translated into several languages. Bernstein stated: “If I had not lived until I was 90, I would not have been able to write this book…It could not have been done, even when I was 10 years younger. I wasn’t ready. God knows what other potentials lurk in other people, if we could only keep them alive well into their 90s.”

21. Lucille Ball-- Prior to her success, Lucille was asked to leave two drama colleges due to poor performances. At some point however, after transferring to Hollywood, she would come to be the very first lady to direct a TELEVISION production company. When 'I Love Lucy' broadcast, Lucy was 40 years of ages.

22. John Glenn-- John was 41 years old when he became the very first American astronaut to orbit the Planet. He then went on to become an US senator at the age of 53 and held that role for 24 years.

23 . Kathryn Joosten - Kathryn was a nurse and stay-at-home mum but after her marriage failed, she decided to pursue her dream of being an actress. Close to the age of 60, she cracked into the industry and found success. Since then she has appeared in TV shows such as Family Matters, My Name is Earl and Desperate Housewives. She has also won two Emmy Awards.

24. Kathy Bates-- Kathy didn't get her breakout duty in 'Suffering' until she was 42 years old.

25. Richard Adams-- In 1972, Richard published his initial unique 'Watership Down'-- he was 52 years of ages.

26 Gladys Burrill -Gladys Burrill is truly one incredible woman. She had been an aircraft pilot, mountain climber, hiker and a horseback rider. But these things are not what she is known for.

She had her first marathon when she was 86 years old. She became famous after completing the Honolulu Marathon at the age of 92. Though she power-walked and jogged all throughout, she managed to reach the finish line. Even though it took her nine hours and 53 minutes to finish, she is proud of reaching the goal she set.

She was determined to do it, and so she did. In turn, she was recognized by Guinness World Records and Hawaii House of Representatives for her wonderful story.

27. Stan Lee-- Stan was 40 years old when 'The Fantastic Four' was first released-- years later, he would certainly end up being the household name for the comics and also Marvel World.

28. "Colonel" Harland Sanders-- Starting out, Sanders sold deep-fried chicken on the side of the road. This was during the Great Depression. He attained success with his fast-food chain at the age of 65.

29. Reid Hoffman-- Although he started the social networking website 'LinkedIn' when he was 35 years old, it wasn't up until Reid was 43 when LinkedIn came to be public.

30. Tim & Nina Zagat-- Formerly both with careers in the legal field, Tim as well as Nina decided to leave their legal careers and write their first restaurant guide-- this was at the age of 42.

31. Ronald Reagan—Ronald was a well know actor, but he was not chosen as Head of state till the age of 55—he won the ballot by over a million votes.

32. Nelson Mandela—After serving 4 years behind bars, he became head of state of his nation at the age of 72 as well as ended up being the recipient of the 1993 Nobel Peace Reward.

33. Dame Judie Dench-- Although she was famous on the stage, Dame Judie Dench became a Hollywood name at the age of 61, when she played M in a James Bond movie.

34. Ang Lee-- Lee was a stay at home father before he ended up being a hit director for films such as Brokeback Mountain as well as Hidden Dragon. He was in his early 40's when he began directing.

35. Robert Noyce-- Robert Noyce was 41 years of ages when he co-founded 'Intel' and ended up being a model for future Chief Executive Officer's because of his relaxed method of working and also for refusing the typical executive rewards.

36. Susan Boyle -“There are enough people in the world who are going to write you off. You don’t need to do that to yourself.”

Susan’s mother encouraged her to audition for Britain’s Got Talent. She was hesitant because she believed people were being chosen for their looks. When she stepped on stage and asked about her dream, she responded: “I’m trying to be a professional singer. As successful as Elaine Paige.” Some parts of the audience started rolling their eyes in disbelief of the kind of ambition she has.

Despite the crowd’s doubt, Boyle chose to ignore them and went on singing her winning piece “I Dreamed a Dream”. As soon as she hit the first note, all of their doubts turned into awe. She managed to finish the song receiving a standing ovation from the audience. She was 47 yrs. old.

Her first album I Dreamed a Dream at one point became UK’s best-selling debut album of all time.

You have the potential to be better

Don't Allow Anything Hold You Back.

Despite your age, sex, faith, race, class or capability, you can unlock your greatest potential and attain success.

Life is short there will never be the “right moment”, waiting for the “right moment” is just an excuse, which is why we need to just go for it. We should all have the chance to seek our passions and attain happiness in life, whoever we are.

You Need Belief

Among the most crucial aspects of being successful is the belief that you can be. If you frequently put yourself down and convince yourself you will not achieve your full potential, then chances are you won’t. You need to have the belief in yourself and the power to overcome your limiting beliefs.

Reach Your Potential.

Success stories are not just about glitz and glamour. They consist of series of setbacks and disappointments. You will often stumble in life. You will even be forced to stop. But stop cannot be part of your routine. Replace it with a pause.

You can’t let the pause be a permanent stop. It is not a period. It is just a comma of your story.

And when you do get up, changes happen. You may have series of pause, but if you keep moving, your story will have a better ending.

A train ticket is useless if you don’t get on the train. . If you don’t use it , you have wasted the very function it has.

Your talent is truly useless if you let it park within you forever. There are so many magnificent places you can explore if you get on the train. It can take you to many opportunities you never even expected. With the right ticket you will reach the wonderful destination you are aiming for.

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