Updated: Nov 14, 2021

I wrote this a good few years ago but want to share my vulnerability with my readers.

We have all heard that expression "I've lost my mojo" but what does it mean: well it means “finding the magic in what we do”. When we don’t have that magic we don’t have that special spark, or that inspiration which makes us feel alive. We feel like a boat adrift at sea with no particular destination on the horizon.

I have got many reasons to be positive and have direction in my life, but it doesn’t feel that way at the minute. I 'm planning a new business, which is ok, but it is a little behind in its development, but it’s not life or death. Two months ago I thought I knew exactly what it was I wanted from this new business, and where it was going, but now it seems like every time I think about it, I stare into a big hole of “nothingness”. I have a little devil sat on my shoulder saying “who do you think you are trying to set up a new business, there are bigger and better people than you out there, and all you are going to do is fail”. So what do I do………..I do nothing. I listen to these words like they are the truth and I get on the train to failure.

So what do I need to do ? I need to stop listening to the “poor me” conversations that are rattling around in my head, and practice some gratitude for what I do have.

I have had an unproductive week which consisted of staring at my computer, writing nonsense ramblings on pieces of paper, surfing the net for “nothing” whilst at the same time conning myself I was looking for inspiration.

I worry about my business and I worry about me. I talked my concerns over with my son the other day and he said I am planning to fail. He said, I am making all the right moves and heading right for failure.

There is a saying in computer terms which is WYSIWYG…."What you see is what you get", and my family are telling me I look real sad. And they are right, I am sad because I have lost my mojo.

I can relate it to when my computer, for no reason, starts to go slow and fails to open the documents or pages I want. Sometimes my TV is the same: it just stops responding. So what do I do? I turn everything off and reboot. I give them a chance to get their knickers out of the twist they are in and “start again”. At the moment, I feel just like my computer when that little timer is going round and round aimlessly.

I need to stop the train I am on and get off, because it is heading to “failure-Ville”, when I need it to be going to “success -Ville”. To change that, I need to change my thoughts and replace them with ones that will empower me; make me feel positive, and only then can I change my actions. In other words I need to take control of myself. I need to be able to think clearly about what to do.

So what do I need to do that I know works:

Ø Read motivational books

Ø Listen to whatever music feeds my soul

Ø Get out and exercise.

Ø Practise Mindfulness

Ø Do something positive.

Ø Find a new direction for my business and write a plan.

Ø Focus on my business - what’s wrong, what it needs, what do I need to do.

I have got to ask myself why have I lost my mojo ? and I believe it is because I am trying to do too many unplanned things then I started to worry about them all and not do anything about them.

Come on girl, get on the success train.

I need some positive feedback to get my business on track and I need to start "doing". Life is meant to be fun.

“Be in motion, be interested and be useful”. Don’t sit around waiting for things to come to you, because it won’t change all by itself.

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