What Is a Vision Board 

It's  a story about the life you want. 

It's a Palette of Dreams: 

Creating a Vision Board Focuses You on the Destination.


It starts by asking and honestly answering the question "What Do I Want" ?

This is the wind beneath your feet! 


A Vision Board can be used for material things, contentment, goals, relationships, or any area of your life you wish to change. 

The most astounding feat of the body is that it responds with razor sharp accuracy to your thoughts and beliefs about it, giving you a living pictures of what and who you think you are.

One of the most important questions you need to answer is "What is Your Big WHY ?

Different types of Vision Boards:

I Know What I Want - you are clear on your desires.  It could be a new home, a new business, new car, or any other possessions.

Allowing Vision Board - you not sure what you want. You have a vision but its not clear. You know you want to change but don't know exactly how.

Themed Vision Board - focuses on a particular aspect of your life such as health, career, travel, building a business or anything else that you need to get focus and clarity on.

When you set your intentions with your Vision Board, resources start flowing towards you . We become what we think about.

A Vision Board helps you develop the intense belief in yourself,  which in turn makes taking focused action a natural process. 

  •  You become a guided missile and  rekindle the flame of desire and belief in yourself and your dreams. 


  •  You focus on the images that represent your dreams,  and let the synchronicity of the universe play its part.


A vision board tells the story of your future life.................so its easy take action towards it!

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About  Our Vision Board Workshops 

Imagine spending all day connecting with your dreams and desires. Connecting  with your passions and your  big WHY.

Its not just about things, its about creating a blue print for a new life.  

Come away with an ACTION PLAN you can use and a clear path so all your desires can flow to you - because you have not only created it, but have put plans in place to action it.


It gives you the time and space to open your mind to your desires. It is designed to awaken you to the awareness that there really are possibilities for your life and that you can actually create your world exactly the way you want it to be. There are no right or wrong answers, creative breakthroughs come at a time of mental quietude.

The workshop gives you the space to stop "thinking". 

A vision is like looking around a ruined house but seeing past the decay and seeing it in your minds eye, seeing its potential and how it could be. But to get to that perfect state, you need to plan, make goals and think about the things you want - you have to keep them in your minds eye. 

But it all starts with the vision/dream. 

Some people don't have dreams because they are afraid of the disappointment. Remember - you get what you think about, so don't set yourself up for disappointment.